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Chapter 05 Vocabulary

AlgorithmA set of steps that tell how to solve a problem.
Boolean expressionAn expression that evaluates to either true or false.
CounterA variable used to store a value that is updatedby a constantvalue.
Decision structureA statement that uses a condition to determine which set of statements to execute.
LifetimeThe duration in which a declared variable exists in memory.
Logical operatorsOperators (And, Or, and Not) that may be used to form a Boolean expression.
Message boxA predefined dialog box that displays a message for the user.
Nested statementsOne or more statements within a statement.
PseudocodeAn algorithm written in both English
Relational operatorsOperators (=,<,<=,>,>=, and <>) that can be used to form a Boolean expression.
Roundoff errorOccurs when a floating point number cannot be exactly represented in binary notation by the computer
Static variableA variable with a local scope but a lifetime the duration of the program.
UpdateTo increment a counter variable.

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