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Embarrassed, Someone tripped and fell in the lunchroom and you encouraged everyone at your table to laugh at him.
Mean, Your friend was really mad that he lost the soccer game, and you laughed at him and called him a lose
Guilty, Your friend told you that his sister was really sick and asked you not to tell anyone. You told everyone anyway
Disappointed, You invited your friend to a birthday party and then told her she wasn’t invited anymore
Excited, You were just asked to join a bunch a friend to go to the movies
Jealous, You tell your friend that you don't like his sneakers but you really wish you had a similar pair
New Friend, There is a new girl in your class and you invited her to sit with you at lunch.
Mean, You were talking to your friends and someone you don’t like was there too. Every time he talked you acted like you couldn’t hear him.
Caring, You saw someone in your class who was crying, and you asked if she was okay
encouragement, Your friend gave a wrong answer in class, but you were encouraging to him
Don't talk to me, Your friend did something you didn’t like, so you didn’t talk to her for the rest of the day
Blackmail, You told a girl in your class that you would only be her friend if she shared her snack with you.
Sharing, Your friend ripped his pants in gym class and you gave him your sweatshirt to hide the tear until he could change.
Gossiping, You heard that someone in your class had a crush on someone. You told your friend about it
Welcoming, There is a new girl in your class and you invited her to sit with you at lunch
AngryYou tattle on a friend, how do you think your friend feels

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