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DijeI said
dijoHe/she said
anduveI travelled around
anduvoHe/she travelled around
PidióHe/she ordered/requested
PedíI ordered/requested
Se divirtieronThey enjoyed themselves
Nos divertimosWe enjoyed ourselves
Lo pasó bienHe/she had a good time
Lo pasé bienI had a good time
TuvoHe/she had
TuveI had
Habíaalready there, no specific time frame)
HuboThere was,were (something that happened)
ConocióHe/she met
ConocíI met
SupoHe/she found out
SupeI found out
FuimosWe went or were (in essence at the time)
EstuvimosWe were (feeling or at a place )
pudoHe/she was able to
PudeI was able to
No quisoHe/she refused to
QuisoHe/she tried to
No quiseI refused to
QuiseI tried ( wanted to)
Lo pasé bien.I had a good time.
Lo pasó bien.He/she had a good time.
Nos divertimosWe enjoyed ourselves.
Se divirtieron.They enjoyed themselves.
AR preterit endingsé, aste,ó, amos, asteis, aron
ER,IR preterit endingsí,iste,ió, imos isteis, ieron
preterit endings for estar, andar and teneruve, uviste,uvo,uvimos,uvisteis, uvieron
present tense ar endingo,as,a, amos, áis, an
present tense er endingso, es,e, emos, éis, en
present tense ir endingso, es,e, imos ís, en
compróHe/she bought
habloI speak
comproI buy
hablóHe/she spoke
ComemosWe eat
ComimosWe ate
ComieronThey ate
ComenThey eat

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