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Introduction to Computers

This is a list of computer terms related to hardware and software.

HardwareVisible parts of the computer
Input Deviceused for putting data into the computer
Keyboardtypewriter like layout of keys used to enter text info. into the computer
Home Rowasdf jkl;
Cursorindicator, frequently a blinking rectangle or line, that indicates the point of operation
Return KeyEnter; moves the text insertion point to the start of the next line
CPUCentral Processing Unit; controls all processing functions
Chipholds the processor; replaced transistors
Microprocessorcircuits on a computer chip
monitorcomputer display device; screen
mousepalm sized pointing device used to control the cursor on a computer screen
disk drivecommon auxiliary (secondary) storage device
printeroutput device that produces print on paper
hard diskstorage device used to hold larger amounts of info.
diskettecircular, flat surface on which data is recorded as magnetic impulses
laserdisccan hold text, graphics, movies, sound, and computer data; played on a laserdisc player
datafacts or information
operating systemsoftware that controls the operation of the hardware
programset of instructions; like software
byteamount of storage required to hold one character
ROMread only memory; stays when computer is turned off
RAMrandom access memory; disappears when computer is turned off
inputfirst stage of data flow
processingsecond stage of data flow
outputthird stage of data flow
storagelast stage of data flow

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