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Nervous System, Structures, Functions, Malfunctions

Sensory NeuronsImpulses from receptors to CNS
Motor NeuronsImpulses from CNS to effectors
CNSBrain and spinal cord
CerebrumVoluntary activity, memory, thinking, reasoning
CerebellumCoordinates motor activities, balance
MedullaInvoluntary activities, breathing, heartbeat, blood pressure
Peripheral Nervous SystemNerves extending throughtout body, outside CNS
Somatic Nervous SystemControl voluntary muscles
Autonomic Nervous SystemControls cardiac muscle, glands, and smooth muscle
MeningitisInflammation of membranes surrounding brain and spinal cord
StrokeCerebral hemorrhage or blood clot in cerebral vessal
PolioViral disease of CNS, may cause paralysis
HypothalamusRegulates many body functions, sleep cycles, hormone levels, hunger, thirst
ThalamusAssociated with senses, except smell; relays sensory impulses to cerebral cortex

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