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Legal Terms

This is a game to help learn legal terms as they relate to health care

tortwrongful acts that do not involve contracts
malpracticefailure of a professional to use the degree of skill and learning commonly expected in that profession
negligencefailure to give care that is normally expected
assaultincludes a threat to do bodily harm
batteryunlawful touching on another person without consent
defamationoccurs when false statements either cause a person to be riduculed or damaged a person's reputation
slanderspoken information that is incorrect
libelinformation that is written and it is false
contractan agreement between to people
legal disabilitythis person does not have the legal capacity to form a contract
privilaged communicationsinformation that must be kept confidential
health recordsbelong to the HCP
ethicsset of principles relating to what is morally right or wrong
living willdocument that state what measures should or should not be taken to prolong life when the person is incapacited
Patient Self-Determination Act(PDSA) law requiring institutions to provide information on preparing advance directives

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