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WG Midterm Exam Review 1

HinduismReligion practiced by the majority of India's population.
Mental MapGeographic information we store in our minds that helps us in everyday life.
OrientationAnother name for direction. Determined with the compass rose on a map.
SahelArea south of the Sahara desert that is expanding because of desertification.
PoldersLow lying land reclaimed from the sea in the Netherlands. Increases land available for use by the population.
MosqueA house of worship for followers of Islam.
IslamReligion practiced by most people in North Africa and Southwest Asia
JerusalemCity that is holy Christians, Jews, and Muslims. Home to the Dome of the Rock, Western Wall, and Church of the Holy Sepulcher.
RegionAn area with unifying characteristics.
DistortionA problem with all maps because the earth is round and a map is flat.
MonsoonA wind that blows from the same direction for a long time creating a wet and dry season found in Southern Asia
SuburbsAreas on the outskirts of cities. Made possible by our expanding use of the automobile.
Cultural DiffusionThe spread of culture traits from one country to another. EX. The popularity of Mexican food in the U.S.
ConfluenceThe point where two or more rivers come together. It is a beneficial site for a city because it increases access to trade routes.
DroughtA prolonged period of time with little or no rainfall. Often causes crop failures in the Great Plains.
Ghost TownCity that grew because of the availability of a particular resource and then was abandoned when the resource was used up.
Absolute LocationThe exact spot on the earth where something is located. Determined by latitude and longitude.
CartographyThe science/art of map making.
SavannaTropical grasslands found inthe tropical wet and dry climate.
Red Cross/Red CrescentHumanitarian organization that cares for the wounded, sick, and homeless during wartime and natural disasters.
Literacy RateThe percent of people who can read and write in a country.
Infant mortality rateThe number of deaths for those under 1 year old per 1000 live births.
Push FactorsThose negative things that cause a person to leave their home country.
ScarcityEconomic problem created by the fact that we have unlimited wants and needs and limited resources.
Population DensityThe number of people in a particular area divided by the population

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