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St Joe's Social Studies Chapter Three

peninsularea person at the top of the Spanish colonial social scale, born in Spain
creoleperson below peninsulares, born in America, parents born in Spain
mestizobelow creole, born in America, parents are mixed
ecnomiendaland grant, had right to demand labor and taxes from the Native Americans
plantationlarge farm, used in the Caribbean to grow sugar
Cortesa conquistador who conquered the Aztecs in present day Mexico
MoctezumaAztec emperor, thought Cortes was a god
Pizzaroconquered the Inca in present day Peru
Ponce de Leonwas looking for a fountain of youth in Florida
Las Casaspriest, sought reform of the harsh treatment of N. Americans, encouraged bringing Africans to the Americas
colonygroup of people who settle in distant land but are still ruled by the government of their native land
turning pointa moment in history that marks a decisive change
circumnavigatesail around the world (or globe)
Leif Ericsonled Viking sailors who reached the northern tip of America, the settlement was called Vinland, early voyager to Americas
Ferdinand and IsabellaKing and Queen of Spain, financed Columbus' voyage to the Americas
Balboafirst European to reach the Pacific Ocean, named it
Magellancircumnavigated the globe
Columbian Exchangeglobal exchange of goods and ideas
northwest passagesupposed waterway through or around North America (did not exist)
coureur de boisrunners of the woods, French colonists who lived and worked in the woods
missionaryperson who goes to another land to win converts for a religion
allianceagreement between nations to aid and protect one another
Cabotsailor, looking for northwest passage, incorrectly thought he found it
Cartiersponsored by the French, explored the St. Lawrence River
Protestant Reformationprotest movement, started by Martin Luther, divided Europe, against Catholic Church

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