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Speech Variants & Exercises JAVA GAMES

Learn the terms for the components of public speaking, plus exercises to improve them. Match, print list of terms, make flash cards or do/print word finds.

optimum pitchthe tone at which a speaker's vocal are the most open and voice is most relaxed
pitch / tonethe frequency of vibration of anything that makes a sound (the "highs" and "lows" of voice quality)
ratethe speed at which sounds, words, sentences and paragraphs are spoken
pausea hesitation in speech
controlled pausea hesitation in speech made on purpose to help get the point of a speech across to the audience
empty pausean unplanned or unhelpful hesitation in speech that hinders rather than helps the message
volumethe energy used to produce a sound (more energy = louder volume)
posturethe position of the spine, shoulders, hips and associated muscles
enunciationcareful pronunciation
articulationcareful pronunciation
articulatorsmouth parts that are used to produce particular sounds (tongue, lips, teeth, dental ridge, palate, uvula)
the rocketan exercise for pitch control
the dolphinan exercise for strengthening the diaphragm & abdominal muscles for control of air flow from the lungs
the optimum pitch level testan exercise to locate one's personal optimum pitch
tongue-twistera series of words requiring very careful articulation in order to be pronounced correctly
the complete breatha yoga exercise designed to fill the entire lung (rather than just the top 1/3) with air
the rag dollan exercise to relax muscles throughout the body and in the production of speech
respirationthe act of breathing
head rollan exercise for loosening the neck, head and facial muscles
yawna deep (often involuntary) inhalation that fills the entire lung AND relaxes the voice
forcethe volume or energy with which one speaks; used to emphasize
gesturemovements of the head and body during speaking
expressionvariation of the facial muscles and/or voice to emphasize the spoken message
body languagethe silent messages provided (either intentionally or not!) by your whole body when you speak
emphasisstress of sound on particular syllables to aid or clarify meanings of words and sentences
variantsomething that is changed from the original; in speech, it is what we can change about our speaking (pitch, rate, volume, pause, emphasis, gesture, expression...)

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