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The voiced consonant sound (j) and word meanings

Match the word that has the voiced consonant sound (j) with its definition, meaning, or other type of clue.

generala military officer
gentlekind, soft
Germanshepherd (a type of a strong, large dog)
Januarythe firs month of the year
jobpermanent employment
jointo get together with others
jumpto go up quickly and suddenly
justa very short time ago
arrangedput in order
bridgesstructures that cross rivers
challengesdifficult jobs
cagesareas enclosed with metal bars to keep animals from escaping
chargingputting a price on
dangera harmful situation
enginea machine that produces force and motion
soldiersmembers of the military
suggestto propose something to do
agea time period of life
changeto make something different
collegean institution of higher education
edgethe border where two surfaces meet
knowledgean area of learning
largebig in size
pageone side of a single sheet of paper in a book
villagea settlement smaller than a town

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