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Growing Plants

Fundamentals for growing plants

MacronutrientsC / H / O / P / K / N / S / Ca / Fe / Mg
MicronutrientsB / Zn / Cl / Cu / Mn
Sandlargest soil component / poor water retention
SiltMedium sized soil component / good water & air retention
Claysmallest soil component / poor air retention / high water retention ret
Humusorganic component of soil
Loamsoil mixture of sand,silt, and clay
Green Manurefarm crop grown to be plowed back into soil for fertilizer
Compostingmixing organic debris to create natural fertilizer
Crop Rotationalternating crops in the same field year to year
NPK Fertilizer Rating% composition of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium in commercial fertilizers
Hydroponicsgrowing plants without soil
Plant Hardiness Zonesused in maps to show where plants are most likely to grow well
Alkaline Soilssoils with a pH greater than 7
Acidic Soilssoils with a pH less than 7
Vegetative Propagationgrowing new plants from vegetative parts
Layeringcovering part of a stem to produce new roots
Cuttingsstems or leaves cut from a plant to create new plants
Buddingtransplanting buds from one plant to another
Graftingtransplanting stems from one plant to another

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