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Evolution of Life

Review for Ch.10 Test

ozonea gas in the atmosphere that absorbs ultraviolet radiation
coacervateA lipid bubble; thought to have ovolved into the first cell; heterotroph
prokaryoteorganism whose cells do not have a nucleus or membrane-bound organelles; bacteria
eukaryoteorganism whose cells have a nucleus and membrane-bound organelles
multicellularmore than one cell; Kingdoms- plant, animals and fungus contain multicellular organisms
unicellularorganisms made up of one cell. Kingdoms Monera and Protists contain organisms that are unicellular
Moneransbacteria; unicellular prokaryotes
Protistsinicellular eukaryotes
Oceansformed by thousands of years of thunderstorms
EarthFormed when clouds of dust and gases condensed into a sphere
AtmosphereFormed from the gases released form volcanoes errupting and meteors hitting the earth
autotrophorganisms that can make their own food; photosynthetic organisns
heterotrophorganisms that cannot make its own food
First cells were...prokaryotes, heterotrophs and anaerobic
Miller and UreyScientist that recreated earth's earliest conditions to show the formation of life's chemicals
Three ways life could have begin are...Extraterrestrial; Creation; and Abiogenesis
abiogenesisSpontaneus Generation; Life coming form nonliving matter
creationLife produced by a divine being
ExtraterrestrialLife on earth can from another planer
ArchaebacteriaAncient bacteria; Can live in harsh environment; Thought to have evolved into eukaryotes
EubacteriaTrue bacteria; Bacteria that can cause disease and decay
CyanobacteriaPhotosynthetic bacteria

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