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Ch13 Blest Are We Matching Activity

Ignatius of Loyolafounder of religious order called The Society of Jesus, or Jesuits
popesuccessor of St Peter and leader of universal Church
Divine Revelation from Godgiven to us through both Scripture and Tradition
95 ThesesMartin Luther posted this list of areas in need of reform in 1517
Martin Lutherpriest who taught that we are saved by faith alone
excommunicateto be cut off from the sacraments
annulto declare invalid
Council of Trentthe Church's response to reformers by restating and providing clear explanation of Church teachings
King Henry VIIIwanted to divorce his wife and when refused named himself as head of Church of England
infallibilitythe doctrine which states that the Church is without error when teaching officially about faith or morals
Protestant Reformationbreak off from the Catholic Church began by Martin Luther in 1517
lay investiturepractice where government leaders choose and appoint religious leaders
ecumenismworking toward the unity of all Christians
Black Plague or bubonic plaguedisease that killed 1/3 population of Europe in the 1300s

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