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People of Ancient Egypt

Who is who?
The people of Ancient Egypt and the people who have studied them.

Ahmose IFirst ruler 18th dynasty - reunited Egypt, freeing it from Hyksos rule
Akhenaten18th dynasty ruler who created a new religion and a new capital.
Amenhotep IIIGreat pharaoh of 18th dynasty, father of Akhenaten
AyeCommoner who served as a scribe under several pharaohs before becomming a pharaoh himself
BelzoniExplored Egypt in the early 1800s and removed many of its monuments to other countries
Carter, HowardDiscovered the tomb of Tutankhamun in 1922
ChampollionDesciphered the Egyptian hieroglyphs for the first time.
DjerEarly pharaoh of 1st dynasty - probably third in sequence
DjoserFirst ruler of 3rd dynasty - owner of the Step Pyramid at Saqqara
SenebDwarf whose statue with his wife was found at Giza
CarnarvonSponser of the digs of Howard Carter in the Valley of the Kings
Hatshepsut18th dynasty woman who took on the role of pharaoh
HoremhebGeneral of the armies who assumed the position of pharaoh at the end of the 18th dynasty
ImhotepScribe who designed the step pyramid and was later deified
Khafra/ChephrenBuilder of the second of the pyramids at Giza
Khufu/CheopsBuilder of the Great Pyramid of Giza
TutankhamunBoy king who ruled for only 9 years but whose tomb was found mostly in tact
Mariette, AugusteExcavated the Serapeum/First director of Egyptian Antiquities Service
Maspero, GastonDirector of the Egyptian Museum who guided the excavation of the Deir El-Bahri cache
MemnonGreek name given to the giant statues of Amenhotep III
Menes/NarmerPharaoh associated with the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt
ManethoEgyptian historian who first developed a king's list
HerodotusGreek historian who is known for his travel and writings in Egypt
MerenptahSon of Ramses II who was next to fill the place of pharaoh
NefertariGreat Wife of Ramses II who built a monument for her
NefertitiWife of Akhenaten who was known for great beuty
Petrie, William FlindersEgyptologist who developed scientific excavation and pottery dating in Egypt
Ramses IIAlso known as The Great - ruled a prosperous Egypt for many years
Ramses IXDuring this Pharaoh's reign there was a crack down on tomb robbery
Napoleon BonaparteLed an expedition in Egypt which compiled the Description de l'Egypte
SenenmutChief stuward during Hatshepsut's reign
Thutmose IIIPharaoh who conquered great lands for Egypt, extending it to its greatest size
TiyNon-Royal wife of Amenhotep III who ascended to Great Wife
Yuya & TuyaParents of Queen Tiy whose tomb was discovered
SneferuPharaoh for whom both the Bent and Red Pyramids were built
Weeks, KentEgyptologist who ran the Theban mapping project and excavated KV5
Abd el-RassoulFamily who has lived on tomb robbing and originally found the Deir el-Bahari cache
Wilkinson, John GardinerFirst Egyptologist to systematically number the KV tombs
Seti IFather or Ramses II whose tomb contained hidden chambers and a deep pit
IneniRoyal scribe who said in his tomb "I have carved the kings tomb. No one seeing. No one knowing."
AniRoyal scribe whose Book of the Dead is the best known surviving copy
AnkhsenpaatenYoung wife of Tutankhamen who may have written to a foreign king to send a son for her to marry
BakChief sculptor for Ankhenaton during the Armarna Period when art favored more realism
User-Maat-ReThrone name of Ramses the Great
SmenkharePossible half brother of Tutankhamen who co-ruled with Ankenaton and may have ruled briefly after his death
Wenis/UnasLast ruler of the 5th dynasty and the first to have pyramid texts placed in his tomb
MeritatenOldest daughter of Ankhenaten and Nefertiti; Wife of Smenkhare
HetepheresMother of Cheops whose tomb was apparently moved into her son's complex, but whose body is missing from it
Nectanebo IILast pharaoh of Egyptian Blood - Dynasty 30

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