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thesis statementa sentence or group of sentences expressing the central idea in a work of nonfiction
topic sentencethe sentence that expresses the main idea of a paragraph of nonfiction
dialogueconversation between characters in a literary work
essaya short piece of nonfiction that can deal with any subject
ironya differnce between the way things seem to be and the way they actually are
narrativethe type of writing that tells a story
point of viewthe vantage point from which a story is told
omniscient point of viewthe narrator knows everything about the characters and their problems
third-person limited point of viewthe narrator focuses on the thoughts and feeling of just one character
first person point of viewone of the characters is actually telling the story, using the personal pronoun "I"
omniscientknowing all things
parodyhumorous imitation
sarcasmharsh derision; the use of such taunts

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