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Kid Trivia

Quiz on the things from childhood

He-Man's ach nemesis was who?Skeletor
Who was the only Smurf to wear a red hat?Papa Smurf
What were the small workers called on Fraggle Rock?Doozers
Who were the four Ninja Turtles?Raphael, Michaelangelo, Donatello, and Leonardo
What popular child's toy had "Xavier Roberts" tatooed on its rear?Cabbage Patch Dolls
What movie series featured a profound meaning behind "Wax on, wax off?"The Karate Kid series
What is another name for a musical keyboard?Synthesizer
Where do you go if you "Wanna go where everybody knows your name?"Cheers Bar
What phrase resulted in being slimed on "You Can't Do That On Television?""I Don't Know"
According to the rap at the opening of the show where was the 'Fresh Prince born and raised?'West Philidelphia
What child's toy claimed to be "More than meets the eye?"Transformers
Who shot Mr. Burns really?Maggie
When Winnie the Pooh faced "The Blustery Day" how did he hold on to Piglet?He held a string of his sweater
What is the phrase batty (of Eureka's Castle) uttered every time he crashed?"I meant to do that!"
Who was the host of such shows as "Family Double Dare" and "What would you do?"Mark Summers
Who hosted "Out Of Control?"Dave Coolier
What show featured a singing trio and a large grey mammal?The Elephant Show

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