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Windows 95 Architecture

Designed for students in CIS 147

kernelthe central module of an operating system. It loads first and remains last in memory. Must be as small as possible.
user interfacethe aspects of a computer or program which can be seen or heard or otherwise perceived by the human user, and the commands and mechanisms the user uses to control its operation and input data
virtual machinesoftware that mimics a hardware device
VFATthe 32-bit file system that is native to Windows 95 (32-bit protected mode)
thunkinga process that enables 16-bit programs to call 32-bit functions and 32-bit functions to call 16-bit functions
threadthe actual component of a process that is executing
system virtual machinethe portion of Windows 95 that runs programs and other Windows subsystems by imitiating a different computer for each active program
Ring 0has access to all system resources and can interact directly with hardware
GDIstandard for representing graphical objects and transmitting them to output devices. manages system graphical interface (graphical output--screen, printer)
DLLcollection of shareable, executable code that can be used by many applications
DDEa data sharing characteristic in which data in one applicationis also modified automatically in the application which shares the data
CDFS32-bit protected mode CD-ROM file system included with Windows 95
APIprovides programmers with standard routines for creating the components (such as windows) that make up windows
VxDsoftware for sharing devices and system resources such as memory among several applications

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