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Kingdom Protista

Questions pertaining to the Kingdom Protista

green algaebelongs to the plant-like protist group
flagellumwhip-like tail used to move some organisms in a moist invironment
euglenasplant-like protist
protistsome are one- celled and some are many- celled
kingdom protistproducers and consumers
diatomsplant-like protist
protozoananother name for animal-like protist
algaeanother name for plant-like protist
false foot made of cytoplasmpseudopod
pseudopodused for movement and trapping food
ciliashort, threadlike structures that are used for movement
extend from the cell membranecilia
sporozoansparasitic protozoans
sporozoan in blood stream of mosquitoescauses malaria in humans in tropical regions
parasite carried by mosquitoessporozoan
slime moldsfunguslike protists
funguslike protistswater molds and mildews
slime molds can move by pseudopods

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