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SOL 5th Grade Social Studies Vocabulary - 5.02

The following is a list of fifth grade Social Studies vocabulary words and their meanings compiled by Fairfax County Public Schools and shared with Page County Public Schools.

AstrolabeInstrument used for measuring the altitudes of the heavenly bodies; replaced by the sextant
Cabot, JohnSailed from England about 1497 and explored the east coast of North America around Newfoundland
Cabral, PedroSailed from Portugal to Brazil in the early 1500s
Columbus, ChristopherSailed from Spain to the West Indies and the Caribbean in the late 1400s; credited with the "discovery" of the Americans
ConquistandorsSixteenth century Spanish conquerors in the Americas
NorsemenAlso known as Vikings; Scandinavian sailors who explored the areas of Greenland and Iceland about 1000A.D.
QuadrantInstrument used in navigation and astronomy for measuring the altitudes of angular distances above the horizon
Verrazano, Giovanni daSailed from Spain along the South American coast in the late 1400s
Land GrantsGift of public land by a government for public purpose
MercantilismEconomic system in Europe in the 1500s and 1600s; favored a balance of exports over imports and included the belief that colonies should benefit the home country by supplying raw materials and providing markets for finished goods
ReformationReligious movement of sixteenth century Europe led by Martin Luther, which sought to reform church practices but led to the establishment of Protestant churches in the early 1500s; also called the Protestant Reformation
RenaissanceCultural awakening begun in fourteenth century Italy; exalted human creativity and talent; revived interest in classical learning and art; emphasized scientific activity

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