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Conquest Expansion Mid Unit Review 2021 Flashcards

FederalNational level; whole country
ImmigrateMoving "into" a country
EmigrateMoving "out" of a country; exit
ExpeditionA journey
CedeTo give or yield
SecedeTo withdraw
AnnexTo take over or to add on
CapitalismAn economic system in which a country's trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state or government
ManifestTo make clear and obvious
DestinyEvents that will necessarily happen in the future
AcquireTo get
ConstitutionalWhether or not something is legal according to the Constitution
ProspectingSearching for mineral deposits, especially silver and gold
IndigenousNative; originating naturally from a specific place
Louisiana PurchasePurchase between the United States and France to acquire the Louisiana Territory
Gadsden PurchaseLand purchased by the United States, from Mexico, for the price of 10 million dollars
Florida PurchaseLand purchased between the United States and Spain
Missouri Rivera water route that Lewis and Clark took to the Rockies
Columbia Riverwater route that took Lewis and Clark from the Rockies to the Pacific Ocean
Pinckney TreatyAgreement between Spain and the United States that the U.S. could use the Mississippi River. Treaty would become void once Spain gives France the Louisiana Territory
Barbed WireUsed to distinguish property lines, protect your land, and also direct cattle.
TelegraphAllowed for coded messages and long distant communication.
Transportation RevolutionIncrease of canals, steamboats, and train tracks which allowed settlers to travel.
Homestead Act 1862Incentive by the government to allow settlers to receive free land as long as they met the agreement.
Louis and Clark expeditionjourney that allowed the U.S. to accurately map the west, discover water routes to the Pacific Ocean, and discover over a hundred new plants and animals.

8th Grade Social Studies
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