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Circulatory System

Word search on terms of the heart

pericardiummembrane that covers heart
ventriclelower chamber of the heart
atriumupper chamber of the heart
septumwall that separates right from left
artherosclerosishardening of the arteries
varicose veinsveins stretched out
coronaryheart attack
coronary circulationtravels to the heart
hepatic portal circulationtravels from digestive tract to the liver
renal circulationtravels to kidneys
lymph nodesfilters out wastes from lymph
sinoatrial nodepacemaker
aortalargest artery
vena cavalargest vein
diastolepressure of relaxation
systolepressure of contraction
pulmonary circulationtravels to lungs
left sidecarries oxygen rich blood
right sidecarries oxygen poor blood
A-V valvesbetween the atria & ventricles

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