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Biology Test 4

This is over the systems of the body Immune, Endocrine, Muscular, Digestive....

white blood cellslymphocytes
steroidrefers to chemical nature
antigenforeign invader
HIVvirus that causes AIDS
Immunizationprotection from a disease
B-cellsproduce antibodies
Thymus glandstimulates the immune system
Thyroid glandRegulates growth and metabolism
Parathroid glandregulates calcium balance
Larynxvoice box- sound production
Bronchicarry air into lungs
veincarry blood to the body
arterycarry blood away from the body
gall bladderstores and concentrates bile
Kidneyregulates water and waste balance
uretertransports urine from kidney to bladder
bladderstores urine
urethratransports urine out of the body

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