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Bank Statement

These vocabulary words are associated with bank statements.

accountstatement of money received and spent
appearbe seen, come in sight
averagequantity found by dividing the sum of all the quantities by the number of quantities
balancedifference between the amount you have desposited in an account and the amount you have withdrawn
computeuse arithmetic to find; caluculate
creditentry of money paid in an account
debitentry of something owed in an account
depositmoney put in a bank
ensuremake sure or certain
interestmoney paid for the use of money, usually a percentage of the amount invested, borrowed, or loaned
minimumleast possible; lowest
paymentamount of money given
processtreat or prepare by a specific method
reconcilemake agree; bring into harmony
registerbook or printed list or record
statementsummary of an account, showing the amount owed, due, or on hand
summarya brief listing of the main points
transactionpiece of business
transfermove from one person or place to another
withdrawala taking back

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