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Science- Chapter 18

TestesMale reproductive organs that produce sperm and male sex hormones
GeneticsThe science that studies heredity
GenesLocations on chromosomes that detect hereditary traits
Sex ChromosomesA pair of chromosomesthat determines the sex of an individual
Hereditythe passing of traits from parent to offspring
SpermA reprodutive cell from a male parent
PureRefers to an organism or cell in which the pair of genes required to produce a trait
HybridRefers to an organism or cell in which the genes for a trait are diffrent
DNADeoxyribonucleic acid- a lage molecule that contains the hereditary information of the cell and controls the cells activities.
MeiosisCell division that reduces the number of chromosomes by half to produce sex cells
Sex-Linked GenesA gene that is carried only on the X sex chromsome
DominantRefers to the stronger of a pair of traits
RecessiveRefers to the weaker of a pair of traits
OvariesFemale reproductive organs that produce eggs and a female sex hormone
EggA reproductive cell from a female parent
FertilizationThe joining of a sperm cell and a egg cell

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