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Vocabulary Unit 12

abjureto renounce; to avoid
acridharsh in taste or odor
augustmajestic, inspiring admiration
callousemotionally hardened
clandestinesecret; concealed
compunctionremorse; regret
conflagrationa large destructive fire
elatedin high spirits
indeliblenot to be erased or removed
indulgentyeilding to the wishes or demands of others
inveteratefirmly established, long standing
irrelevantnot to the point; not applicable
nocturnalof or occuring at night
platitudea commonplace, stale
quellto subdue
quiescentinactive, to put down
ruminateto mediate, think about at length
tacitunspoken; silent
tangiblereal, concrete; capable of being touched
trechantincisive, keen; forceful

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