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Ch. 7 Nuclear Energy

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Rutherforddiscovered the nucleus of the atom
Curiediscovered Radium
Becquereldiscovered radioactivity
Roentegendiscovered X-rays
half-lifetime it takes 50% of a radioactive element to decay
gamma raymost penetrating light wave
alpha particlea Helium nucleus
beta particlereally an electron emitted from the nucleus
neutronhas mass but no charge
binding energystrongest force in the universe; holds the nucleus together
fissionsplitting the atom
Fermisplit the first atom
fusionoccurs in the sun; fusing two nuclei
isotopeatoms of the same element with different masses
positrona positive electron
chain reactionoccurs when uranium is split by a neutron
stable isotopeusually have an even number of protons and neutrons
missing massbecomes energy in E=mc2
Chernobyllocation of worst nuclear reactor disaster worldwide
14,000 yearshalf-life of Carbon-14
Geigerdeveloped a device used to measure emitted radioactivity
radioactivityparticles or energy emitted from the nucleus of unstable atoms
Andersondiscovered the positron--not to be confused with the "scantron"
radioactive seriesgraph showing the decay of one element to another until a stable form is reached
radamount of radiation ABSORBED
rema dose of radiation that has the biological effect of 1 Rontgen
RRontgen, deposition of 93.3 x 10 -7 Joules per gram of tissue
neutrinoparticle with no mass and no charge
Smoking 1.5 packs cigaretteshighest exposure to radiation commonly seen (9000 mrem)
Ci1 Curie or amount of substance that undergoes 3.7 x 10 10th disintegrations per sec
transuranium elementselements beyond uranium--all radioactive
Seaborgdiscovered all of the transuranium elements

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