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Amendment Review

Match the amendment number with the correct description.

1Freedom of speech, religion, press, assembly, petition
2Right to bear arms
3No housing of troops in peacetime
4Search and seizure
5No double jeopardy, self-incrimination, eminent domain, due process
6Right to a speedy and fair trial
7Right to a trial by jury in civil cases
8No cruel and unusual punishment
9"There are other rights!!"
10Rights reserved to the states
11Limits lawsuits against states
12Creates ballots for President and VP
13Ends slavery
14Due process; defines citizenship
15Allows all males the right to vote
16Income tax
17Allows for direct election of Senators
18Prohibition: no drinkin'!
19Women's suffrage
20Lame duck amendment: President starts Jan. 20
21Ends prohibition; repeals 18th
22Limits president to 2 terms in office
23DC gets to vote for President!
24Ends poll tax
25Explains presidential succession
26Allows 18 year olds the right to vote
27Congressional pay raises delayed until next Congress

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