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Flash Card Chapter 7

Define the word.

Atmospherethe thin layer of gases that surround the Earth.
Troposhereone of the five layers of the atmosphere extend 10 km from earths suface.
Stratosphereone of the five layers of the atmosphere, above the troposphere and extend from 10 km to 45 km.
Mesosphereatmospheric zone above stratosphere.
ThermosphereAtmospheric zone above the mesosphere.
Weatherconditions in the atmosphere at a particular place and particular moment.
Climatethe average weather in an area over a long period of time.
Latitudedistance measured in degrees north and south of the equator.
Atmospheric Circulation PatternsPatternsdetermines the global patterns of precipitation.
Ocean Circulaton PatternsCurrents that redistribute warm water and cool masses of water.
Greenhouse effectwarming effect on the air caused by heat rising from the surface of the Earth and being trapped by gases in the troposphere.
greenhouse gasesgases at the atmosphere that trap and radiate heat
carbon dioxideadds to the green house effect which increases global warming.
global warmingThe increase of temperture of the earth.
CFCshuman-made chemical compounds restricted in use because they destroy ozone
Ozoneform of oxygen with molecules made of three oxygen atoms
UV raysharmful light from the sun
oxygen,nitrogen,carbon dioxidethree oxygen atoms in the ozone
SPFSun Protectant Factor
Ozone layerprotects the earth from some of the UV light
La Ninacold water that is below 5 degrees below normal becoming very cold.
El NinoWater temperature that is warm over south america.
Jet streamshigh level winds, prevailing winds
Wind beltscuased by difference in air tempueratures and atmospheric pressure
Chloro, Floro, Carbonelements that contained in CFC

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