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benthosall the plants and animals that live on the ocean bottom
nektonall the free swimming animals that live in the ocean
photosynthesisprocess by which plants use the sun's energy to make their own food
phytoplanktonany of the usually microscopic plantlike organisms that live near the surface of the ocean
planktonmicroscopic organisms that drift or float in the ocean
salinitythe amount of salt found in a given amount of water
zooplanktonany of the tiny animal-like organisms that live near the surface of the ocean
densitythe amount of mass in a given volume of water
water pressurethe force per square inch that is exerted on an object in the water
scubaself-contained underwater breathing apparatus
the bendsoccurs when decreasing water pressure causes nitrogen to form bubbles in the blood
sodium chloridethe most abundant substance found dissolved in ocean water
nitrogen & carbon dioxide2 out of 3 of the major gases dissolved in ocean water
sedimentssubstances that do not dissolve in ocean water
1 cubic mi. of ocean waterhas a mass of about 4 billion tonss

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