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Promoting Rest & Sleep

This activity is designed to test the knowledge level of ADN students regarding concepts of rest and sleep. The terms chosen are based on content in Chapter 42, 6th edition of Kozier & Erb, Prentice Hall publishers.

restcharacterized by calmness and freedom from anxiety
sleepaltered state of consciousness in which perception and reaction to environment are decreased
circadian rhythma pattern (biorhythm) based on a 24-hour cycle
REM sleepparadoxical sleep
NREM sleepslow-wave sleep
sleep cyclenormal adult usually experiences four to six of these per night
functions of sleeprestore balance in the body and allow for protein synthesis
environmentalnoise level is a _____ factor that affects sleep
L-tryptophanthis protein found in milk helps individuals fall asleep
nicotinehas a stimulating effect on the body thereby inhibiting sleep
hypnoticmed used to induce sleep which may suppress REM sleep
anxietya condition that raises blood norepinephrine levels and interferes with sleep
insomniainability to obtain an adequate quantity or quality of sleep
initial insomniadifficulty falling asleep
maintenance insomniadifficulty staying asleep
terminal insomniaearly morning or premature awakening
hypersomniaexcessive sleep, particularly during daytime hours
narcolepsy"sleep attack"
sleep apneacharacterized by loud snoring, frequent awakenings, morning headaches
obstructive apneaa condition in which anatomical structures of the pharynx block airflow during sleep
parasomniabehavior that may interfere with sleep
nocturnal enuresisbed-wetting
bruxismclenching and grinding of teeth during sleep
sleep deprivationa syndrome that results from sleep disturbances
sleep pattern disturbancea state in which the individual experiences a disruption in sleep patterns which interferes with ability of the person to function

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