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Chapter 2 Review

Cognitive Learning and Technology Tools
Flashcard Game
Identify the terms with the proper definitions.

collaborative learninga category of methods in which students learn in some form of group setting.
authentic activitiesThe activities of people in their real lives.
discovery learningStudents find important principles or ideas on their own.
network modelsRepresent memory in terms of nodes.
nodesCognitive units
linksEstablish the relationships between nodes.
metacognitionThinking about thinking.
long-term memoryContains a person's permanent store of knowledge and skills.
rote learningOpposite of meaningful learning.
tutorialA computer application which provides direct instruction for students.
working memoryShort-term memory where learning and thinking activities occur..
naive theoriesPersonal opinions formed based on our observation about daily phenomena
zone of proximal developmentskills that an individual can perform with some assistance
meaningful learningOpposite of rote learning. Connects to the learner's prior knowledge.

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