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Chapter 19 SS Vocabulary

arms racea competition among nations to have the most weapons
conscriptiondrafting of citizens to serve in the armed forces for a set number of years
militarisma nation's interest in armed power
armisticean agreement to stop fighting
autocratsleaders with unlimited authority
czarmeaning "caesar" or ruler
Communisma system n which all property and all means of production , such as factories and farms, belong to a people as a group
Sovietrefers to the workers' groups that planned and carried out the reveloution
collectiveslarge farms on which people worked together as a group
purgesa government order to kill or imprison citizens who oppose the government
totalitariana state in which the government has complete control over peoples lives
Great Deperssiongreatest economic decline in the world's history
inflationA continuing rise in prices
propagandaThe spreading of information or rumors to help or hurt a cause

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