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7th Grade Vocab - Section 8

abnormalnot usual, not typical, strange
abnormalsyn. freakish, unnatural, irregular, anomalous
abnormalant. normal, usual, regular, typical
capsizeto turn bottom side up, upset
capsizesyn. overturn, upend, tip over
capsizeant. remain, upright
catastrophea large scale disaster, misfortune, or failure
catastrophesyn. calamity, tragedy, cataclysm
catastropheant. triumph, victory, success
decreaseto become or make less, a lessening
decreasesyn. lesson, reduce, dwindle, diminish
decreaseant. increase, grow, develop, wax
disputatiousinclined to argue or debate, provoking debate
disputatioussyn. arguementative, quarrelsome, contentious
disputatiousant. non-argumentative, peaceable, pacific
ejectto drive or throw out, evict
ejectsyn. oust, expel, kick out
ejectant. admit, lead in, insert
flourishto grow, thrive, be prosperous, to wave in the air, a dramatic gesture, a fanfare of horns
flourishsyn. prosperous, burgeon, increase
fourishant. wither, die, fade, shrivel up
incentivea reason for doing something, something that stimulates action
incentivesyn. stimulus, spur, motive, inducement
incentiveant. curb, check, restrain, hindrance
insubordinatedisobediant, rebellious
insubordinatesyn. definate, unruly, mutinous
insubordinateant. obedient, submissive, docile, tractable
legibleeasily read
legiblesyn. readable, clear, decipherable
legibleant. unreadable, indecipherable
nubthe central point or heart of matter, a knob
nubsyn. core, kernel, nucleus, crux
nubant. fringe, periphery, edge
onslaughta violent attack, a sudden rush of something
onslaughtsyn. assault, charge, foray, onset
ordainto establish by law, to order or command, to appoint as a priest or minister, to disdain
ordainsyn. annoint, consecrate, enact, decrete
ordainant. forbid, veto, cancel
outstripto get ahead of, do better than, exceed
outstripsyn. outdo, outperform, outdistance, surpass
outstripant. trail, lag behind
pervadeto spread throughout
pervadesyn. saturate, permeate, diffuse, imbue
prudentcautious, careful, showing good sense
prudentsyn. wary, sensible, judicious
prudentant. foolish, unwise, rash, reckless
quenchto put out, extinguish, end
quenchsyn. douse, stifle, slake
quenchant. ignite, kindle
remnanta small part remaining behind
remnantsyn. remainder, residue, leftover, fragment
simultaneoushappening or existing at the same time
simultaneoussyn. occuring at the same time, concurrent
simultaneousant. occuring at differnet times
swerve(v) to turn aside sharply (n) a sharp or sudden turn
swervesyn. (v) veer, digress, sheer off

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