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Test: Monerans & Viruses

Sections 4-2 & 8-2

antibodyproteins produced by the body in response to a particular disease-causing organism
immuneprotected from a particular disease because of the presence of antibodies
stimulantany drug that speeds up body functions
drugsubstance that contains no nutrients and that affects body functions or disease
antibioticname of a group of drugs that kill disease-causing organisms
depressantany drug that slows down body functions
penicillinthe first known antibiotic
communicable diseaseany disease that cannot be spread from one person to another
non-communicable diseaseany disease that cannot be spread from one person to another
infectious diseaseany disease caused by tiny organisms that enter the body
vaccinepreparation containing dead or weakened, living microorganisms that cause disease
germ theoryaccepted idea that some diseases are caused by microorganisms
nitrogen fixationa process by which bacteria in the root of nodules of certain plants change a substance from the air so it can be used by plants
decomposerorganism that gets food by breaking down waste products and dead tissues
aerobetype of organism that needs oxygen to survive
virustype of life that needs living cells in which to reproduce
anaerobetype of organism that does not need oxygen to survive
parasiteharmful organism which obtains food from and lives inside or on another organism
spirillabacteria that have spiral shapes
bacillibacteria that are rod-shaped
coccibacteria that have round shapes
blue-green algae/ cyanobacteriatype of moneran that is able to photosynthesize
endosporeresting cell with a tough outside coat
algal bloomresult of rapid growth of blue-green algae in a lake or pond
hostorganism on which a parasite lives

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