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Key Events and People of the Republic of Texas

Use the following activities to build your knowledge of some of the key people and events of the Republic of Texas.

Sam HoustonHe was the first and third elected President of the Rep. of Texas.
Mirabeau B. LamarHe is known as the "Father of Education inTexas"
Anson JonesHe was the fourth and last elected President of the Rep. of Texas
AustinThe name of the capital city of Texas named after Stephen F. Austin
Chief BowlesHe was a friend of Sam Houston and a Cherokee chief who died in a battle w/Texans
The Council House FightA fight between Texans and Comanches that was fought in 1840
The Archives WarA fight between Texans over where the papers of Texas should be kept
The Mier ExpeditionA small Texas army invaded Mexico and attacked Mier. They were captured.
The Santa Fe ExpeditionAn expedition to capture Santa Fe by Texans which was unsuccessful
The Black Bean Drawing17 Texans were executed by Mexicans after trying to escape from them.
James K. PolkThe President of the United States that was elected largely because he wanted to annex Texas.
J. Pinckney HendersonThe first governor of the state of Texas.
February 19, 1846The day Texas became a state in the United States of America.
Twenty-eighthWhen Texas became a state it was this numbered star on the flag
LonestarThis was the nickname of the Republic of Texas as well as the state of Texas.

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