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Quiz Wars Review

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Strongest military power in the ancient worldPersian Empire
Emperor of Persia who fought at MarathonDarius
Battles between the Greeks and PersiansPersian Wars
Battle between Greeks and Persians under leadership of DariusBattle of Marathon
Ran to Athens with news of Victory at MarathonPheidippides
PheidippidesHis "run" was the beginnings of the marathon
Son of Darius, Emperor of Persia who wanted to conquer GreeceXerxes
Battle where Spartans delayed the Persians for 9 daysThermopylae
Naval battle between the Greeks and Persians. Greeks wonSalamis
Persians retreated to Asia Minor, Persians never invaded Greece again, Greeks controlled Aegean Sea areaResults of Persian Wars
Result of Persian WarAthens and Greece developed cultural and political ideas of today
Who did the work in AthensSlaves
Leader of Athens after Persian War who rebuilt AthensPericles
PericlesBuilt wall around Athens, Created Delian League, Extended democracy
Temple to AthenaParthenon
A defensive alliance of Greek city-states with Athens as its leaderDelian League
An agreement between 2 or more states for their mutual benefitalliance
Athens dominated Delian League, Sparta wanted control of Greek city-statesCauses of Peloponnesian War
Causes of Peloponnesian WarSparta feared strength of Athens and Delian League
Alliance of Sparta and other Greek city-statesPeloponnesian League
War between Delian League and Peloponnesian LeaguePeloponnesian League
Sparta tried to unify and rule Greece, Cultural development slowedResults of Peloponnesian War
Resulta of Peloponnesian WarGreek city-states refused to unify with Sparta, Greece open to invasion
MercenaryHired soldier
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