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allocateto set apart or distribute
assiduouspersistent, attentive
brashimpudent, act in a hasty manner
capricioussubject to whiims or passing fancies
chastiseto scold severly, inflict physical punishment
copiousabundand, plentiful, wordy, verbose
deviateto turn aside, diverge, veer
emaciatedmade unnatuarlly thin
exultto rejoice greatly
gnarledknotted, twisty, lumpy
indemnitya payment for a loss or damage
inklinga hint/vague notation
limpidclear, transparent, understood
omnipotentalmighty, unlimited power or authority
palatableagrreable to tastes or sensibilities, edible, attractive
poignantdeeply affecting, touvhing, keep or sharp in taste or smell
rancorbitter resentment or ill-will
sophomoricimmature and overconfident/conceited
spontaneousarrising naturally, not planned or engineered in advance


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