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Glucose Metabolism

General info on glucose metabolism.
This game does not go over details on the steps of glycolysis-- it is more general.

Transports glucose across plasma membraneGLUT-1
Site of glucose metabolismred blood cells
Major product of glycolysisATP
The storage form of glucoseGlycogen
Like insulin, regulates blood glucoseGlucagon
Keeps glutathione in reduced formNADPH
Helps brain take up glucoseGLUT-3
Transports glucose into muscle cellsGLUT-4
Transports glucose into liverGLUT-2
Glycogen synthesisGlycogenesis
Glycogen degradationGlycogenolysis
Anaerobic degradation of glucose to lactateFermentation
When the presence of oxygen suppresses glycolysisPasteur effect

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