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Simple Animals

Covers sponges, cnidarians, flatworms, and roundworms.

Filter FeedingFeeding method of a sponge.
PoriferaPhylum of sponges.
OsculumWater and waste are expelled through this opening.
Collar Cellsdraw water through the pores of the sponge.
SpiculesThe "skeleton" of a sponge.
RadialSymmetry of Cnidarians.
CnidariansJellyfish are in this phylum.
MedusaFree swimming cnidarian.
PolypSessile form of cnidarians.
NematocystStinging cells of cnidarins.
BuddingAsexual reproduction in polyps.
PlatyhelminthesFlatworm phylum.
Platyhelminthes and NematodesPhyla that have bilateral symmetry.
ScolexHead of a tapeworm.
ProglottidRepeating sections of a tapeworm.
NematodaHookworms and pinworms are in this phylum.
Pore CellsBring water carrying food and oxygen into the sponge's body.

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