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8th Grade Vocabulary - Chapter 14

amplifyto make stronger
amplifysyn. increase, augment, fill out, supplement
amplifyant. lessen, diminish, abbreviate, shorten
armisiticea temporary peace
armisiticesyn. cease-fire, truce
arrogantsyn. high-handed, overbearing, presumtuous
arrogantant. meek, humble, modest, unassuming
blandsyn. dull, insipid
blandant. harsh, irritating, pungent, spicy, piquant
disclaimto deny interest in or connection with
disclaimsyn. disavow, disown, repudiate
disclaimant. admitt, acknowledge, avow, confess
epocha distinct period of time
estrangeto drift apart or become unfriendly
estrangesyn. part company, alienate
estrangeant. bring together, reunite, reconcile
gratifyto please, satisfy
gratifysyn. delight
gratifyant. disappoint, dissatisfy, frustrate
infiniteexceedingly great, inexhaustible, without limit, endless; an incalculable number, the concept of infinity; a name for God
infinitesyn. ulimited, boundless
infiniteant. limited, restricted, measurable
irascibleeasily made angry, hot-tempered
irasciblesyn. irritable, quarrelsome, cantankerous
irascibleant. even-tempered
kindreda person's relatives; a family relationship; related by blood; like, similar
kindredsyn. kin, relations
kindredant. unlike, dissimilar, contrasting
naiveinnocent, unsophisticated, showing lack of worldly knowledge and experience
naivesyn. green, wet behind the ears
naiveant. sophisticated, knowing, urbane, suave, blase
nichea decorative recessin a wall; a suitable place or position for a person or thing
nichesyn. nook, alcove
obliterateto blot out completely, destroy utterly
obliteratesyn. wipe out, erase, expunge, efface
obliterateant. foster, promote, create
ramshackleappearly ready to collapse, loose and shaky
ramshacklesyn. rickety, unsteady, run-down, dilapidated
ramshackleant. well built, well maintained, shipshape, trim
ransackto search or examine thoroughly; to rob, plunder
ransacksyn. rummage, scour
ransackant. spot-check
roteunthinking routine or repetition, a fixed or mechanical way of doing something; based on a mechanical routine
solventable to meet one's financial obligations; having the power to dissolve other substances; a liquid used to dissolve other substances; something that solves, explains, eliminates, or softens
solventsyn. financially sound, in the black
solventant. bankrupt, flat broke, in the red
tediouslong and tiresome
tedioussyn. boring, monotonous
tediousant. stimulating, interesting, short and sweet
vendorsomeone who sells something
vendorsyn. peddler, hawker, dealer, merchant
vendorant. buyer, purchaser, customer

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