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Mixtures, Elements, and Compounds

According to makeup, matter exists as:mixtures, solutions, and compounds
What is an advantage with classifying objects?makes it easier to organize them
Matter that consists of two or more substances mixed together but not chemically combined is amixture
A mixture is a combination ofsubstances
what are three examples of mixtures?salad dressing, sand, soil
The amounds in a mixture aren'tfixed
Mixtures are classified by howmixed they are
What is a heterogeneous mixture?A mixture that doesn't appear the same throughout
The heteriogeneous mixture is the _____ mixedleast
What is a homogeneous mixture?A mixture that appears the same throughout
What are 3 examples of a homogeneous mixture?milk, whipped cream, toothpaste
What is a colloid?a homogeneous mixture where particles are mixed together, but no dissolved
What is a solution?A type of homogeneous mixture when one substance is dissolved into another
A solution is the ___ mixed of all mixturessolution
What are 3 examples of a solution?ocean water, air, lemonade
what is a soluteThe substance dissolved
What is a solventThe substance that does the dissolving
A substance that dissolves into another substance is:soluble
Insoluble?unable to dissolve
solubility?the amount of solute that can me dissolved in a given amount of solvent at a specific temperature
Solutions exist in 3 phases:solid, liquid, gas
What are alloys?metal solutions

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