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Chap 11 Vocabulary Games

iona positively or negatively charged atom
ionic bonda chemical bond formed when atoms lose or gain electrons
covalent bonda chemical bond in which electrons are shared
nonpolar moleculea molecule without charged ends
polar moleculea molecule with one end positive and the other negative
toxicsubstances that are poisonous to living things
corrosivematerials that eat away at metals and human tissue
oxidation numbertells how many electrons an atom will lose, gain, or share in bonding
chemically stableatoms that have a full outer energy level; will not react
chemical bondthe force that holds atoms together in compounds
chemical formulaa statement using symbols and numbers to tell how atoms react to each other
hydratea molecule that has water trapped as part of its makeup
binary compounda compound made of only 2 elements
polyatomic iona group of atoms that are bonded into one ion
elements with full outer ring, does not form compoundsnoble gases
elements on the left side of the staircase linemetals
nonmetalselements on the right side of the staircase line
what causes atoms to form bonds with other atoms?trying to get full outer rings
the subatomic particle that is involved in bondingelectron
Elements with '+' oxidation numbersmetals

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