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Unit of study on the nine planets of our solar system.

orbitPath of a celestial body as it revolves around another body.
asteroidCelestial bodies that revolve around the sun. Most live between Jupiter and Mars.
SaturnSecond largest planet. It has rings around it.
VenusThe second planet from the sun.
MarsThe fourth planet from the sun.
UranusThe seventh planet from the sun.
PlutoThe furthest planet from the sun. The smallest planet.
sunA star that is the center of our planetary system.
NeptuneEighth planet from the sun.
EarthThe only planet that supports life.
MercuryClosest planet to the sun.
satelliteA celestial body that orbits a planet.
meteoroidA solid body moving in space. Smaller thatn an asteroid.

Cathy Chamberlain

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