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immaculateadj. spotless, absolutely clean; pure; faultless
offaln. waste parts of a butchered animal; refuse; garbage
purgev. cleanse; purify; rid of undesired element or person
slatternlyadj. untidy; dirty from habitual neglect
slovenn. person habitually untidy; dirty; or careless in dress, habits, etc.
sordidadj. filthy, vile
squalidadj. filthy from neglect; dirty; degraded
sullyadj. tarnish; besmirch; defile
adjacentadj. lying near or next to; bordering; adjoining
approximateadj. nearly correct
contiguousadj. touching; adjoining
environsn. pl. districts surrounding a place; suburbs
juxtapositionn. close or side by side position
propinquityn. 1) kinship 2) nearness of place, proximity
analogyn. likeness in some respects between things other wise different; similarity; comparison
arbitraryadj. proceeding from a whim or fancy; capricious; despotic
arbitratev. decide a dispute, acting as arbiter (judge); submit a dispute to an arbiter
axiomaticadj. self-evident, universally accepted as true
biasn. opinion formed before there are grounds for it; prejudice; predilection; partiality
bigotedadj. intolerant; narrow-minded


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