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Greece becomes united

Persianation that took many city-states by 490 BC.
DariusPersian king that demanded gifts of land and water
Athens, Spartarefused to accept Perian rule
Marathonfirst battle-won by Athens
XerxesDarius's son
Thermopylaepass which Persian's had to enter
Salamisisland where Athen's navy defeated the Persian's
Delian Leagueeach city-state was given a vote
Delosisland where Delian League was located
Periclesgeneral who wanted to make Athens the most beautiful city in the world
Golden Age of Athens500-429 B.C.
Statue of Athenaguarded the city of Athens
Parthenontemple dedicated to Athena
Acropolishill on which Athens was rebuilt
philosophersquestioned ideas of truth and justice
Socratesdied because of his beliefs and ideas
PlatoSocrate's student
Philip IIruled Macedonia
Alexandertook control of Greece, Egypt. Persia, and Northwest India
Macedonia, Egypt, SyriaAlexander's empire was divided into
Hellenistic Ageperiod that lasted for 200 years
democracyall citizens had right to vote

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