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Tropical Rainforest/Biome

All ecosystem, biome, food chain, and food web information on the tropical rain forest

geographic locationnear the equator
climatehot and humid
decomposersomething that feeds on dead animals
autotrophan organism that makes its own food
heterotrophan organism that feeds on other things for food
producersomething that makes its own food
primary consumeran organism that feeds on producers
secondary consumeran organism that feeds on secondary consumers
sunprimary souce of energy for producers
living things and non living things togetherecosystem
food chainchain of energy that funs through organisms and starts with the producers
food weba bunch of food chains together
latitudehorizontal lines surrounding the earth. . . equator is the most popular one
longitudevertical lines surrounding the earth, the Prime Meridian is the most popular one
canopyhighest level in the rainforest
moist floorlowest level in the rainforest
understorymiddle level in the rainforest
exotic flowers, plants, trees, etc.examples of producers
adaptationsomething which helps an animal survive
structural, physiological, behavioralthree kinds of adaptations

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