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earthquake and volcano terminology

lavamagma on the earth's surface
magmahot, melted rock
we have nine of these which are connected under the earth's surfaceplates
a boundary where plates rub against one anotherfracture boundary
a boundary where plates slide under one anothercolliding boundary
a boundary where plates are pushing against one anotherseparating boundary
faultcrack in earth's surface
seismographan instrument used to detect energy waves
Ritcher scalemeasures how strong the earthquake is in numbers
densityhow much matter there is in a given amount of space
focuswhere the earthquake originates under the earth
trenchan opening in the earth's crust on the ocean floor
seafloor spreadingthe theory on how new crust is formed
an eruption of magma onto the earth's surfacevolcano
safest place to go in a house during an earthquakedoorway

Carolyn Klemballa

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