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review test

anachronismrefers to a wrong time
metamorphosischange of form or structure
subsequentfollowing after in time , place, or order
cataclysman event that causes violent change, such as earthquakes or volcano eruptions
incongruentlack of agreement or harmony
ephemerallasting ony a brief period of time
magnanimitythe quality of overlooking injury or insult
philanthropya desire to help humanity especially by giving humanation instition such as schools , etc.
vocirerousloud, noisy
congnizantaware or informed
dubiouscausing or feeling doubt
assiduousdone, with careful attention
cursoyquickly done with little attention or detail
polygamythe state of having two or more spouses at one time
loquaciousvery talkitive
pinnaclehighest point
paradoxa statement that seems contradtory, but that is in fact true
facetiousjoking, especially at an inappropiate time
inadvertentunintentional, accidental


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