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Sound Games

This will prepare you for your sound test. Good Luck!!

Soundform of energy
vibrationswhen an object moves back and forth rapidly
Omnidirectional hearingears hear from all directions
Selective hearingchoosing what we want to listen to and ignoring the rest of the sounds around us.
Onomatopoeiawords that describe how something sounds like "Splash" for jumping into water
Pinnaeoutside of the ear
Fluid in the inner earhelps people keep their balance
Cochleathe main tube in the inner ear shaped like a snail.
sensory cellstiny hairlke cells
eardrummembrane in the middle ear . After sound waves enter the ear canal and hit the eardrum, causing it to vibrate.
The steps of how we hearpinnea, ear canal, hammer,anvil,stirrup, oval window then to the cochlea then finally stimulates nerves cells that send electrical impulses to the brain
Another way of communicatingsign language
Hearing disabled personsomeone who has difficulty hearing
Otologistear doctor
otoscopetool doctors use to look through the ear.
Vibrationscan be measured and recorded whether we hear them or not.
Echowhen sound bounces off something back to you, you hear an echo.
Soundmovement in the air
Pitchhighness and lowness of a sound
deafcomplete or partial hearing loss

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