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Words easily confused: part 1

The word pairs in this game sound similar, but have different meanings and uses. Can you keep them straight?

alludeimply, make reference
eludeevade, get away from
capitolthe building where the government meets
capitalmain city , the main thing
thena time, not now
thanused to make comparisons
insureto buy insurance for, protect
ensuremake certain
acceptreceive, take
adopttake into one's family
adaptadjust, change to fit into surroundings
counselto give advice
councila group of advisors
totoward, untill
twobetween 1 and 3
theirbelongs to them
therea place, not here
they'rethey are
breatheto inhale and exhale(v)
breathan intake of air (n)
weatherrain, snow, sun
whetherwhichever, .... or not
throughfinished, the boy walked ..... the door.
thoroughcomplete and carefull
threwpast tense of throw (like a ball)

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